How can you get your message out?

New media outlets around the world are shrinking in size and staff, meaning less opportunities for coverage. With this in mind, Global Media Strategies has developed enhanced distribution methods for sharing client information via our interactive online publication NCTechNews.

This website is an online tool for businesses and organizations to share information about themselves with other businesses and entrepreneurs, potential customers, investors, news media and the general public. NCTechNews is an extraordinarily powerful means of quickly and effectively spreading the word about a certain subject to a great many number of people locally, nationally and globally.

“In the 20th century, the news media thrived by being the intermediary others needed to reach customers. In the 21st, increasingly there is a new intermediary: Software programmers, content aggregators and device makers control access to the public.”

- The State of the News Media 2011, Pew Research Center

Since it’s getting crowded in established news media outlets, we created our own legitimate online news resource.

The popularity of NCTechNews has taken off with dozens of users contributing original content and steadily increasing viewership and hit counts, while GMS continually updates the site with relevant, timely news items. Global Media Strategies has also begun accepting original content from columnists who are now contributing their knowledge on appropriate subjects on a regular basis.

David D. Menzies, editor, is utilizing his past experience as a reporter and print newspaper editor to professionally edit each user and columnist submission, as well as begin reporting on particular issues of interest and importance. This fresh, original content enriches NCTechNews, enticing more users and visitors and thus more exposure for GMS clients utilizing the site for exposure and branding.

NCTechNews is relatively simple to build and manage, and can be easily replicated to accommodate any niche industry sector. The technology behind the site is state-of-the-art, pushing out content to major search engines and content aggregators.

How Does it Work?
The entire site is basically a big, fat, juicy RSS feed, with business stories ready for plucking by interested readers around the world. As you may know, an RSS feed is a simple way to disseminate a lot of content to a wide number of people; RSS aggregators seek out and find the website feeds people care about and organize the results for them.

These RSS aggregators automatically check a series of feeds on an ongoing basis, searching for new content they detect the additions and present them together in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. If a reader finds the title and description of an item interesting, he or she can select the content’s link within their RSS aggregator and instantly link back to the full story on NCTechNews for further reading.

Keywords and content central to a business or organization’s marketing communications are spread to tens of thousands of potential prospects and customers, increasing a company’s visibility.

Who Can Use This Site?
Anyone can use NCTechNews absolutely free; just follow the simple online directions on how to submit your item to the publication and your information will become accessible to millions of Web users via keyword hits on search engines, RSS aggregation, and straight-out foot traffic to the individual website. Once posted, the link to your news item on will be permanent, and you can distribute the URL for your item to prospects, customers, business partners and media outlets.