Good PR and media relations are essential to your brand.

Whether you realize it or not, if you are selling a service, product, or idea to people and actively servicing customers, they you are engaging in marketing your brand. How people perceive you, your business, and your reputation (public relations) can make or break you.

Done in concert with advertising and marketing, public relations (PR) and media relations can provide you with an outstanding return on investment and position your company head and shoulders above your competitors. It doesn’t take a ton of money and can help validate your expertise in a certain field.

Public relations and media relations take a commitment to planning, effort and execution.

Too often companies and organizations focus on their daily business functions without paying any attention to proactively managing their brand in the court of public opinion. The “ugly stepchild” of business development sometimes gets overlooked or ignored simply because busy executives don’t understand the nuances of what it takes to carefully craft a message for a particular audience and then strategically deliver it to initiate a response from a customer or prospect.

“It’s definitely gotten us exposure that, otherwise, we wouldn’t have had. We’ve had coverage in the major newspapers and the major networks. It’s starting to resonate.”

- Healthcare Technology Client Testimonial

Global Media Strategies understands PR and media relations and offers a collaborative approach to help business owners, C-level executives, and in-house marketing and advertising staff take a serious look at publicity and branding, regardless of an organization’s size.When you’re ready to incorporate the news media into your overall communication plan, you’re taking an important step in further legitimizing your business. Successful media relations can provide an outstanding return on investment in promoting your products or services and in cementing your brand in the marketplace. The impact of coverage in a print or online news article, radio, or television spot is both invaluable and measurable in terms of how the piece is received by readers, listeners and viewers as well as how the coverage translates into dollars and cents when compared to advertising rates for the media in question.

Where do you want to be?

Proactive media relations takes a great deal of relationship-building, and is best left to experienced professionals who know how to attract reporters to your story instead of driving them away.

Global Media Strategies does the research and architects a solution, working our established network of media contacts while professionally approaching new, targeted outlets defined by your specific needs. Our services include an audit of your existing media coverage; research of targeted media outlets; use of GMS as media contact to field reporter queries; and of course placement of high-profile articles in key publications.

Our goal is to influence industry-specific and regional networks to ensure consistent and successful implementation of our clients’ communication strategy. Using detailed, long-term planning we can anticipate media opportunities in advance or take advantage of those which suddenly materialize, promoting a brand or protecting a client’s reputation with strategic media relations.

Wherever your clients and prospects get their news, that’s where you need to be.

Global Media Strategies can get you there.

There is no charge for an initial consultation, and options for services range from project-based outreach to full-blown communication plans.We offer customized solutions to help busy professionals fit public relations into your specific business model, including developing customer communication tools and programs; social media marketing and reputation management; press release research/writing/editing/proofing; distribution to targeted media outlets; use of GMS as media contact to field reporter queries; event management; website content development; and tracking of media hits.