We get your brand in front of your audience.

Global Media Strategies serves as your company’s virtual communications manager, working in concert with your in-house marketing and business development staff or investor relations partner. Our extensive background in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and information technology brand communication and targeted media facing experience allow us to understand the marketplace and better position our clients in front of their target audiences.

How does Global Media Strategies work with clients to get them in front of target audiences? Generally speaking, GMS can usually begin disseminating information to prospects and media within 2-3 weeks of engagement. This is accomplished via a proven effective methodology, Proposal => Engagement => Success, which is a phased, collaborative approach incorporating the following stages:


* Proactively research each client; its affiliated programs, activities, and partners; target audiences; and overall goals.

* Initiate conversations with client leadership to gather preliminary information and drive creation of a detailed contract proposal, which includes pricing, to ensure client and GMS are on the same page.


* Hold discovery sessions with client to uncover details of what is novel and unique about the organization, its plans and goals.

* Determine what actions need to be taken, identify stakeholders and resources, and set timelines for deliverables.

* Develop and implement a proactive communication plan consisting of creative PR and media relations initiatives. These revolve around the crafting of strategic messaging, incorporating major themes related to core competencies and business development goals. This strategic messaging is developed through research of previous and existing marketing, advertising, and PR materials in addition to one-on-one and group interviews with client team leadership.

* Create and manage customizable distribution lists for the dissemination of strategic messaging via press releases and other communication vehicles to targeted print and electronic media outlets and social media streams in RTP, Silicon Valley, and other regional, national and overseas markets.


* Through an ongoing campaign of relationship-building with key editors and reporters, GMS promotes client company and team leadership for placement in high-profile news articles as subject matter experts; as subjects of profile feature articles; and as authors of bylined op-ed pieces, in addition to securing opportunities to participate as speakers and panelists at important industry events.

* Outreach efforts drive foot traffic to client websites; publication of articles in high-profile media outlets featuring client leadership, services and products; ongoing visibility and differentiation of client brand within targeted market sectors; increased networking opportunities; and validation of client offerings and core competencies via affiliation with trusted third-party entities (media outlets, associations, events, etc.).

Global Media Strategies does not charge for initial consultation and formal proposals; for more information contact David Menzies at david@gmsinnovate.com or (919) 274-6862.

The following are some of the scalable services GMS provides clients:

* comprehensive 3, 6, or 12-month communication planning

* strategic messaging creation

* media list building

* press release writing, editing and distribution

* media relations (featured article placement)

* op-ed ghost writing

* white paper writing and editing

* press kits

* media training

* social media promotion and management

* marketing and advertising

* new product and services launch campaigns

* online publishing (blogging, podcasting, videocasting)

* website content refresh

* crisis communications